July 29-August 12, 2023 — 2-Week AUGUST Adventure from Paris: Prague, Budapest, Zagreb and more!

Get ready to embark on an unforgettable 2-week journey departing from Paris by bus, taking us to some of the most beautiful cities and beaches in Europe.

We’re setting off to explore the majestic towers of Prague, the therapeutic spas of Budapest, the vibrant streets of Zagreb, and the serene beaches of Croatia.

So, pack your bags and get ready for an adventure filled with culture, history, fun, and relaxation. We can’t wait to see you there! 

▪️ Dates: Saturday, July 29, 2023 at 10:00 PM to Saturday, August 12, 2023 at 07:00 AM

••• ULTRA PROMO Price: 799.99€ (only for the first 5 spots)

The price will increase once these 5 seats are sold.


Act swiftly to secure your spot on this extraordinary journey! With limited availability, our exceptional offer for this 2-WEEK exploration won’t last long.


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🔵 PRAGUE! Capital of the Czech Republic, inviting you to discover its incredible nightlife but also its charming old town and its famous bridges, the Prague Castle located on a hill overlooking the city, the famous ‘golden alley’ or ‘alley of the alchemists’, the Dancing House with its completely offbeat architecture!

🔵 BRATISLAVA! Capital of Slovakia, trendy, festive, student-friendly, has become one of the favorite low-cost destinations of European youth! Come and discover its colorful small alleys intertwining with each other, like in a fairy tale village… with its cobbled squares, pastel-colored houses and baroque churches!

🔵 BUDAPEST! Capital of Hungary, a cosmopolitan and dynamic metropolis with a renowned nightlife, considered one of the trendiest cities on the Old Continent, with its famous “ruin pubs” and trendy clubs, attracting young people from all over Europe. It is also considered one of the most beautiful cities in Europe! With its tumultuous history of more than a millennium, Budapest has inherited a heteroclite heritage, which makes it an exceptional conservatory of Central European architecture. Like the “Pearl of the Danube”, its panorama, the Buda Castle district, Andrássy Avenue and the Millennium Metropolitan are UNESCO World Heritage sites!

🔵 SIOFOK! a seaside resort nicknamed the “Ibiza of Hungary”. Come and enjoy a BEACH day, in the sun, with your feet in the sand or in the turquoise waters of Lake Balaton!

🔵 ZAGREB! Capital of Croatia, a student-friendly, lively and pretty baroque-inspired city with Slavic and Mediterranean influences. With its dynamic and modern metropolis vibes, Central European influences undoubtedly recall its belonging to the former Austro-Hungarian Empire, as well as the ancient and medieval heritage that is the pride of its historic center. Come and discover its undeniable charm, baroque facades, cobbled alleys, its green setting perfect for strolling as well as its avenues and squares that are brimming with life…

🔵 PLITVICE LAKES & WATERFALLS, one of the wonders of Croatia, a UNESCO World Heritage Site! Come and discover this succession of 16 lakes, interconnected by 92 waterfalls or small turbulent rivers, in valleys of fir, spruce, beech, maple, hornbeam forests… A beautiful postcard that attracts over 1 million visitors each year! A wooden log path tours the park, but it is also possible to visit it using a panoramic train and to cross the largest lakes by boat.

🔵 ZADAR! A port city located on the Dalmatian coast, it has a rich cultural and historical heritage, but also breathtaking landscapes and beaches! It will be possible to take a ferry to access the splendid islands of its archipelago.

🔵 The island of KRK, nicknamed the “golden island”. Come and enjoy an exceptional BEACH day, in the sun, with your feet in the KVARNER BAY with its crystal clear waters!

🔵 LJUBLJANA! Capital of Slovenia, a crossroads of cultures due to its geographical position – between Western Europe and the Balkan countries of Eastern Europe – coveted by all empires since Roman times, Ljubljana has managed to preserve an intact historic center and a magnificent architectural heritage, mainly Baroque and Rococo, so far preserved from mass tourism despite certain attractions and curiosities to see, notably the Triple Bridge and the Dragon Bridge!

🔵 MUNICH! Capital of Bavaria, with an architectural style swinging between the Rococo of the 18th century and the Neoclassicism of the 19th century, it is unquestionably, after Berlin, the most interesting city in Germany. Traditionalism and cosmopolitanism coexist in harmony here. History and modernism meet, fashion and industry set its pace, avant-garde and festivities give it its colors. Considered the secret capital of the country, it is equally appreciated by its inhabitants and tourists for its monuments, its incredible museums, and its department stores.

🔵 NEUSCHWANSTEIN CASTLE, resembling a FAIRY-TALE castle, inspired Walt Disney to design the Sleeping Beauty Castle, the current DISNEY logo! 🔥 Very, very, very busy castle with strong recommendation/obligation to book entries well in advance. We recommend that you book your place as soon as possible!!! 🔥 Also on the program: a photo-stop from a SUSPENSION BRIDGE above a mountain stream offering an incredible view of Neuschwanstein Castle, followed by a STROLL & SWIM in the ALPSEE lake.

♫ ♪ ♫ 🎉 In the evenings, live at the rhythm of the tumultuous capitals of Eastern Europe: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia & Croatian Island, Slovenia, Bavaria… famous for their warm atmospheres and crazy nightlifes! A must try!!! ♫ ♪ ♫ 🎉


✅ EVERYONE IS WELCOME: Regardless of age or nationality, we invite all explorers to join us on this remarkable adventure.

  • • Mostly aged 25-45.
  • • 55% female, 45% male.
  • • Mostly single.
  • • Diverse nationalities, expats, globetrotters, and culturally curious.

✅ SOLO TRAVELERS: Don’t hesitate to join us even if you’re travelling alone! You’ll have plenty of opportunities to make new friends amongst our group of like-minded explorers. Our guides are dedicated to fostering a welcoming and friendly environment, ensuring a memorable trip for all.


We will be transported in a comfortable and modern bus with air conditioning. The trip can accommodate up to 68 people.

There have already been 30 reservations.


14 nights + 7 breakfasts (private bathroom for each room):

  • • 1 night in the bus between Paris and Prague (night journey to not waste daytime)
  • • 1 night in Prague: 3* hotel, rooms for 3-4 people, individual beds, breakfast included
  • • 1 night in Bratislava: 2* hotel, rooms for 2-3-4 people, individual beds
  • • 3 nights in Budapest: modern youth hostel in the city center, rooms for 4 people, individual beds, 3 breakfasts included
  • • 2 nights in Zagreb: modern youth hostel in the city center, rooms for 2 and 4 people, individual beds
  • • 3 nights in the Lika region (Croatia): 3* hotel, rooms for 2-3-4 people, individual beds, 3 breakfasts included
  • • 2 nights in Munich: 3* hotel, rooms for 2-3 people, individual beds
  • • 1 night in the bus between Munich and Paris (night journey to not waste daytime)

🔵🔵🔵  PRICES 🔵🔵🔵

••• ULTRA PROMO Price: 799.99€ (only for the first 5 spots)

The price will increase once these 5 seats are sold.

*To participate in the trip, it is necessary to have the membership card (10€), valid for one year from the date of purchase. The card gives you access to more than 130 trips per year and many other benefits. If you don’t have it yet, you can obtain it on the morning of departure, before boarding the bus, from our guides.

What’s Included:

• 14 days of air-conditioned touring coach transport: Paris -> Prague -> Bratislava -> Budapest -> Siofok -> Zagreb -> Plitvice Lakes -> Zadar -> Krk Island -> Vela Plaza Beach -> Ljubljana -> Munich -> Neuschwanstein Castle -> Paris

• 13 days of discoveries: Prague + Bratislava + Budapest + Siofok + Zagreb + Plitvice Lakes + Zadar + Krk Island + Ljubljana + Munich + Neuschwanstein Castle (with guides or free time)

• 14 nights + 7 breakfasts (private bathroom for each room):• Tourist taxes • Day & night walks • Guides who will help you have a better stay (but you can walk around alone…you just need to respect the meeting times for the bus and check-in/out) • Our friendly atmosphere

What’s Not Included:

• Personal expenses

• Meals (except breakfasts mentioned in the included category)

• Public transportation

• Entries to museums, attractions, Neuschwanstein Castle…

🔥 If you wish to visit the interior of Neuschwanstein Castle, don’t forget to book your entry on the following site: https://shop.ticket-center-hohenschwangau.de/ 🔥 🔥 The castle is very very busy and there is a strong recommendation/requirement to book entries well in advance. We recommend you book your castle entry as soon as possible!!! 🔥

• Entrance to Plitvice Lakes National Park at group rate (prices announced on 30/03/2023):

  • • €33.20 for adults (instead of €39.80)
  • • €26.50 for students – upon justification
  • • €13.20 for children aged 7 to 18 (instead of €15.90)
  • • Free for children under 7 years old

The entrance ticket represents a contribution to the sustainable protection and development of the Park. The price includes transport by electric boat and panoramic train as part of the visit program, visitor insurance, and value-added tax.

OPTIONAL (to be reserved and paid for in advance):

• Twin room (limited quantity)

• Additional insurance (cancellation/interruption of stay/lost luggage)


Possibility of being free to roam as long as bus departures and check-in/check-out times are respected.

🔹 = timings to be strictly followed, rest of the time you can either stay with the group according to the below program or be free to roam

★★★ DAY 1 ★★★ Saturday, 29th July

🔹 Meeting at 10:00 PM at 21 Boulevard Pershing (Porte Maillot)

🔹 11:00 PM: Bus departure -> Prague Several short breaks are planned

★★★ DAY 2 ★★★ Sunday, 30th July

🔹 Around 2:00 PM: Arrival in Prague and hotel check-in at a 3* hotel in Prague Discovery of 🔵 PRAGUE 🔵 (with guides or free time) Dinner (on your own) & overnight stay in Prague

★★★ DAY 3 ★★★ Monday, 31st July Breakfast included

🔹 Check-out before 10:45 AM (possibility to leave luggage in the bus or at luggage storage) Discovery of 🔵 PRAGUE 🔵 and lunch (free time)

🔹 2:30 PM: Bus departure -> Bratislava

🔹 7:30 PM: Hotel check-in at a 2* hotel in Bratislava Discovery of 🔵 BRATISLAVA 🔵 (with guides or free time) Dinner (on your own) & overnight stay in Bratislava

★★★ DAY 4 ★★★ Tuesday, 1st August

🔹 Check-out before 9:45 AM (possibility to leave luggage in the bus or at luggage storage) Discovery of 🔵 BRATISLAVA 🔵 + lunch (free time)

🔹 2:00 PM: Bus departure -> Budapest

🔹 5:30 PM: Check-in 🔵 BUDAPEST 🔵 evening stroll (city lights view + group photo) Dinner (on your own) & 1st night in Budapest

★★★ DAY 5 ★★★ Wednesday, 2nd August Breakfast included Discovery of 🔵 BUDAPEST 🔵 (with guides or free time) Dinner (on your own) & 2nd night in Budapest

★★★ DAY 6 ★★★ Thursday, 3rd August Breakfast included Discovery of 🔵 BUDAPEST 🔵 (with guides or free time) Dinner (on your own) & 3rd night in Budapest

★★★ DAY 7 ★★★ Friday, 4th August Breakfast included

🔹 Check-out before 9:45 AM

🔹 10:00 AM: Bus departure -> Siofok 12:00 PM-5:00 PM: BEACH day at 🔵 SIOFOK 🔵, seaside resort nicknamed “Hungary’s Ibiza”

🔹 5:15 PM: Bus departure -> Zagreb

🔹 9:00 PM: Check-in Dinner (on your own) in the city 1st night in Zagreb

★★★ DAY 8 ★★★ Saturday, 5th August Discovery of 🔵 ZAGREB 🔵 (with guides or free time) Dinner (on your own) & 2nd night in Zagreb

★★★ DAY 9 ★★★ Sunday, 6th August

🔹 Check-out before 8:00 AM

🔹 8:15 AM: Bus departure -> Plitvice Lakes 10:30 AM-6:30 PM: Discovery of 🔵 PLITVICE LAKES AND WATERFALLS 🔵, one of the wonders of Croatia (walk with guides or free time) – (Entry fee not included, guides will collect group rate on the bus. Please provide exact change)

🔹 6:45 PM: Bus departure -> 3* hotel

🔹 7:20 PM: Check-in at 3* hotel (Possibility of dining at the hotel restaurant or in the city center) 1st night in the Lika region

★★★ DAY 10 ★★★ Monday, 7th August Breakfast included

🔹 9:30 AM: Bus departure -> Zadar 11:30 AM – 9:00 PM: Discovery of 🔵 ZADAR 🔵 (walk with guides or free time)

🔹 9:15 PM: Bus departure -> 3* hotel (arrival at 11:15 PM) 2nd night in the Lika region

★★★ DAY 11 ★★★ Tuesday, 8th August Breakfast included

🔹 9:45 AM: Bus departure -> ISLAND of KRK in the KVARNER BAY 12:20 PM – 2:00 PM: Discovery of the town of 🔵 KRK 🔵 (walk with guides or free time)

🔹 2:10 PM: Bus departure -> Vela Plaza Beach 3:15 PM – 5:25 PM: 🔵 VELA PLAZA BEACH 🔵 in Baška, the best spot on the island of Krk for paradise beaches. Vela Plaza Beach has the BLUE FLAG label, is the largest and most popular on the Island of Krk and offers a magnificent view of the islands opposite. (Possibility to hike to more private beaches from Baška)

🔹 5:30 PM: Bus departure -> Malinska 6:30 PM: Dinner (on your own) & evening stroll in 🔵 MALINSKA 🔵, the liveliest town on the island of Krk at night

🔹 8:15 PM: Bus departure -> 3* hotel (arrival at 11:00 PM) 3rd night in the Lika region

★★★ DAY 12 ★★★ Wednesday, 9th August Breakfast included

🔹 Check-out before 9:30 AM

🔹 9:45 AM: Bus departure -> Ljubljana 12:50 PM – 3:30 PM: Discovery of 🔵 LJUBLJANA 🔵 + Lunch (walk with guides or free time)

🔹 3:40 PM: Bus departure -> Salzburg 7:15 PM – 9:15 PM: Dinner (on your own) in 🔵 SALZBURG 🔵 (walk with guides or free time)

🔹 9:20 PM: Bus departure -> Munich

🔹 Around 11:15 PM: Check-in at 3* hotel in Munich 1st night in Munich

★★★ DAY 13 ★★★ Thursday, 10th August Discovery of 🔵 MUNICH 🔵 (walk with guides or free time) Dinner (on your own) 2nd night in Munich

★★★ DAY 14 ★★★ Friday, 11th August

🔹 Check-out before 7:15 AM

🔹 7:30 AM: Bus departure -> Neuschwanstein Castle 10:00 AM: Breakfast (not included) by 🔵 LAKE ALPSEE 🔵 then walk around Lake Alpsee (possibility of boat tour/swimming…) & lunch (on your own) 3:00 PM: Visit to 

the 🔵 NEUSCHWANSTEIN CASTLE 🔵 (Entry fee not included, guides will collect group rate on the bus. Please provide exact change)

🔹 5:00 PM: Bus departure -> Stuttgart

🔹 9:00 PM: Check-in at a 3* hotel in Stuttgart Dinner (on your own) 1st night in Stuttgart

★★★ DAY 15 ★★★ Saturday, 12th August Breakfast included Discovery of 🔵 STUTTGART 🔵 (walk with guides or free time) Dinner (on your own) 2nd night in Stuttgart

★★★ DAY 16 ★★★ Sunday, 13th August

🔹 Check-out before 9:30 AM

🔹 9:45 AM: Bus departure -> Paris Expected to arrive in Paris around 9:00 PM (subject to traffic) END OF THE TRIP



● The Old Town

● Prague Castle located on a hill overlooking the city

● The famous ‘Golden Lane’ or ‘Alchemists’ lane’, a narrow alley decorated with beautiful colorful facades, small houses backed by the fortification of Prague Castle.

● Old Town Square, where the astronomical clock, built in 1410, is located. Don’t hesitate to climb to the top of the tower where the clock is located. You will have a superb view of Prague!

● Lobkowicz Palace

● Charles Bridge, which connects Old Prague to the district of Malá Strana, full of musicians, painters, second-hand dealers…

● Lennon Wall (street art)

● St. Vitus Cathedral, the most important and largest in Prague

● A glance is also deserved at St. Nicholas Church (Chram Svateho Mikulase), the Spanish Synagogue (Spanelska Synagogue), and Our Lady of Týn Church (Kostel Panny Marie Pred Tynem)

● The KGB Museum

● Other cool museums worth visiting in Prague: the Kampa-Sovovy Mlyny Museum, the Czech Music Museum, Sternberk Palace, and the Alfons Mucha Museum.

● The baroque library of the Clementinum

● Do you prefer modern architecture? The Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, located on Jiřího z Poděbrad square (where there is a pleasant market on weekends) and the Dancing House (Tančící dům), located on Rašínovo nábřeží street, is a must during your weekend in Prague! FUN ACTIVITIES & NIGHTLIFE:

● A small cruise on the Vltava! To admire the little Venice of Prague at Kampa Island, and the banks punctuated with operas, theaters, buildings, and major architectural structures.

● A beer bath! This unusual activity is possible in one of the many Beer Spas in Prague. A moment of relaxation guaranteed, while enjoying unlimited beers, followed, if you wish, by a beer massage.


⫸ U Sudu

⫸ Double Trouble

⫸ Popo Cafe

⫸ Cloud 9: Superb rooftop bar above the Hilton hotel, with views over the entire city

⫸ Tretter’s: Cocktail bar with a beautiful crowd

⫸ Hemingway: Very small, it’s THE bar to drink absinthe in Prague. Ask the bartenders for information on where to go next.

⫸ La Bodeguita Del Medio: Cuban atmosphere. The best mojitos in town.

⫸ Black Angel’s: It is one of the 50 best bars in the world. Live music on Fridays and Saturdays. Excellent cocktails.

⫸ Zly Casy: Ideal for drinking craft beers. A little out of town

⫸ Bugsy’s Bar: Here too you can find a beautiful crowd. A good bar

⫸ James Dean: An excellent bar/club for drinking and having fun

⫸ Fashion Club Prague: A recent and very chic bar. Very good DJs mix here ⫸ Pivovarsky Klub: For drinking very good beers and eating


⫸ Sasazu

⫸ Karlovy Lázně

⫸ Duplex

⫸ Roxy

⫸ Retro

⫸ Lucerna

⫸ Cross Club and many others!


• Bratislava Castle

• St. Elizabeth’s Church in Bratislava, also known as the “Blue Church”

• The New Bridge “Nový Most”, extending over 430 meters, it is the only bridge belonging to the “Federation of Great Towers of the World”. It has a flying saucer perched at 84 meters high which houses a restaurant named UFO = the UFO (accessible by an elevator)

• St. Michael’s Gate, preserved from the medieval fortifications of Bratislava

• St. Martin’s Cathedral in Bratislava, the largest and oldest church in Bratislava

• Grassalkovich Presidential Palace

• The main square & St. Michael’s Street, a charming street lined with street artists, numerous shops, and restaurants

• “Old Town Hall”: the oldest town hall in the country and one of the oldest stone buildings in Bratislava

• Quirky and unique bronze statues, notably the “Man at Work” sculpture whose legend says that if you touch his head your wish will come true (if you manage to keep it a secret forever) • …


• Admire the incredible Hungarian Parliament, inspired by the Palace of Westminster in London

• Explore the Fisherman’s Bastion, a fortress with unique architecture and a panoramic view of Budapest, making it an ideal place to take breathtaking photos and selfies of Budapest

• Walk along Andrassy Avenue, which will lead you to Heroes’ Square “Hősök tere” and the Millennium Monument

• Ponder the memorial in Liberty Square

• Discover Buda Castle / Royal Palace of Budavár, the favorite residence of Empress Sissi

• Just next to it is the Church of Our Lady of the Assumption of Budavár / Matthias Church, the coronation church where Sissi was crowned queen of Hungary

• Traverse Castle Hill, offering views of the Danube and Pest

• Relax at the M-A-G-N-I-F-I-C-E-N-T Széchenyi Thermal Baths, one of the largest thermal establishments in Europe

• Visit St. Stephen’s Basilica, an architectural style between the Basilica of Montmartre and a medieval fortress

• Stroll on the Chain Bridge (Széchenyi Lánchíd), one of the very first suspension bridges

• Delve into the past with Line 1 of the metro, inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List

• Get intoxicated by the different flavors and scents of the Central Market Hall

• Ascend to the Elizabeth Lookout, the highest point in the Hungarian capital, offering a panoramic view of Budapest

• Eat and shop in the central halls of Budapest

• Take a tour of the Kerepesi Cemetery, gigantic, equivalent to our Père-Lachaise in Paris

• Wander on the Liberty Bridge, a pedestrian bridge where young people gather for fun and relaxation

• Head towards the Jewish Quarter to discover charming cafes and local designer shops

• Discover the largest synagogue in Europe in the Erzsébetváros district

• Take a break at Varkert Bazarn, a slightly Ottoman garden, with its fountains and rose bushes

• Taste traditional Hungarian cuisine in the poetic neighborhood: fragrant kurtoskalacs buns, a goulash soup or a cake made of layers of sponge cake and chocolate mousse dobos torta

• Appreciate the musical fountain on Margaret Island and take the opportunity to picnic on this former “Rabbit Island”

• Visit the Hungarian National Museum

• Go to the House of Terror, a former prison turned museum that traces the history of the two dark periods suffered by the country

• Find yourself in the USSR at Memento Park

• Learn the touching story of the creation of a memorial “The Shoes on the Danube Bank” near the Hungarian Parliament

• …

🔵 SIOFOK: A beach resort known as the “Ibiza of Hungary”. Come and enjoy a BEACH day, in the sun, feet in the sand or in the turquoise waters of the great Lake Balaton!


• St. Mark’s Church, a symbol of Zagreb, whose colorful roof is recognizable among thousands

• Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and Kaptol Square

• Lotrščak Tower, built in the middle of the 13th century, offering a magnificent panorama of the whole city of Zagreb

• Ban-Jelačić Square, the heart of Zagreb, offering access to both the upper and lower town

• Bans’ Palace, the presidential residence of Croatia

• Croatian Sabor, Seat of the Parliament of Croatia

• Visit the Museum of Broken Relationships: dedicated to love failures, it exhibits sentimental objects and testimonies of disappointed lovers. In 2011, it won the award for the most innovative European museum.

• Explore Mirogoj Cemetery: the greatest Croatian personalities rest there, it is the equivalent of Père-Lachaise cemetery in Paris. This cemetery is unique for its vegetation, which gives it the reputation of being one of the most beautiful cemeteries in the world.

• Have a drink in the lovely Ilica and Tkalciceva streets

• Test the delicious Croatian cuisine: Zagrebacki odrezak janjetina, štrukli, and other delights

• Stone Gate, the old gate of the medieval city of Gradec, which still houses a small chapel today

• Gric Tunnel, an unusual and incredible former WWII refuge; this underground tunnel connects various parts of the city

• Picnic in Bundek Park

• Discover Dolac Market, the most visited and reputable farmer’s market in the Croatian capital

• Stroll in Zrinjevac Park offering different activities such as concerts, theater, festivals…

🔵 PLITVICE LAKES & WATERFALLS, one of the wonders of Croatia, inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List! Come and discover this succession of 16 lakes, connected by 92 waterfalls or small turbulent rivers, in valleys of forests of fir, spruce, beech, maple, hornbeam…. A beautiful postcard that attracts over 1 million visitors each year! A path made of wooden logs goes around the park, but it is also possible to visit it using a panoramic train and cross the largest of the lakes by boat.


• Discover the old town and its majestic fortifications listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site

• Sea Organ: a hydraulic organ structure created by the artist Nikola Bašić, it uses the movements of water to emit beautiful melodies

• Greeting to the Sun: another work by Nikola Bašić composed of solar panels positioned in a circular shape to create light effects

• Stroll around the marina

• Discover churches and cathedrals such as Sveta Stosija Cathedral or Saint-Donat Church

• Relax on one of Zadar’s beaches such as Kolovare beach, located very close to the city center

• Take the ferry and explore an island of the Zadar archipelago

🔵 KRK ISLAND: Known as the “Golden Island”. Enjoy an exceptional BEACH day, under the sun, with your feet in the crystal-clear waters of the KVARNER BAY!


• Ljubljanski grad, a medieval castle dating back to the 12th century, offering a panoramic view of the capital

• The old town with its remains, museums, and walk along the Ljubljanica River

• The Dragon Bridge, the dragon being the symbol of the city

• Tromostovje (Three Bridges), one of the symbols of Ljubljana

• Test your perception limits at the Museum of Illusions with 40 exhibition rooms, optical illusions, and holograms! Notably the anti-gravity room, “upside-down” room, infinite disco, Ames room, vortex tunnel…

• St. Nicholas Cathedral (18th century), with extraordinary wall paintings

• The Baroque-style Town Hall with Venetian influences and its clock tower

• Prešeren Square, the central square of the capital, where you will find the stunning pink facade Franciscan Church

• 45min boat tour on the Ljubljanica River

• Tivoli Park, equal in size to Central Park in the United States

• Opera, a 19th-century building in Neo-Renaissance style

• Open-air market on Pogarcarjev Trg

• The Knights of the Cross and Gruber Palaces with their former aristocratic houses still standing around Stari Trg

• Francesco Robba’s Fountain of the Three Carniolan Rivers, an Italian Baroque blossom

• Emona ruins, a Roman city from which the entire southern city wall remains

• Statue of a Citizen of Emona on Congress Square

• Napoleon’s obelisk, from the liberation by the imperial armies

• The surprising Railway Museum

• The beautiful old houses of Krakovo

• Go shopping on the busiest street Copova Ulica

• Neboticnik, a 1930s skyscraper, New York-inspired, offering a panoramic view of the capital from the top bar

• Metelkova Mesto district, a famous artist squat and the meeting point for Slovenian nightlife, reminiscent of Berlin nights! A former Yugoslav military barracks, this colourful squat of about ten buildings comes alive at the end of the week with concerts and dance parties that are organized, up to three different events on the same night, so that everyone can find what they’re looking for. And pints are 2 €, yes 2€!!!


• Marienplatz, the historical heart of Munich, home to the imposing neo-Gothic Town Hall. Attend the Glockenspiel (a 19th-century spectacle of mechanisms) that takes place at 11am and 12pm every day.

• Taste the beers at Hofbräuhaus brewery, one of the oldest in the city. It is Munich’s “tavern”, the must-visit place to taste beer and the best sausage in the city. This large, lively hall (which can hold 1000 people) with its unique ceiling will charm you with its authenticity.

• Surf or watch surfers on the Eisbachwelle (in the center of Munich, yes, it happens IN the city)

• Discover the bohemian district of Schwabing, filled with strange shops, bars, and cafes. Its many Art Nouveau buildings are a haven for intellectuals, artists, and writers.

• Climb up to the bell tower of Alter Peter / St. Peter’s Church, located exactly where the city was founded 13 centuries ago. It has become one of the city’s symbols. You will be able to admire ceiling frescoes, gothic paintings, and baroque light fixtures. You can also climb to the top of the bell tower. From its 91-meter height, you will have a magnificent view of Munich’s green copper and terracotta rooftops.

• Viktualienmarkt, the food market next to Marienplatz. Over 140 stalls and shops offer a great choice of food for a quick, local lunch

• The English Garden of Munich, laid out at the end of the 18th century and extending over nearly 400 hectares, is undoubtedly one of the largest parks in the world! Ideal for sports, resting in the grass, picnicking, enjoying the peaceful atmosphere while having a drink in one of the beer gardens (BierGarten) of the park.

• Munich’s Olympic Park, built for the 1972 Olympic Games, this huge Olympic stadium – located north of downtown Munich – with its futuristic design makes it a must-see attraction. From the observation platform of the Olympic Tower, located 190 meters high, enjoy a magnificent panorama over the city and the Alps.

• Nymphenburg Castle, which is to Munich what the Palace of Versailles is to Paris: a must-see. The castle was built at the end of the 17th century to serve as a summer residence for the kings of Bavaria. Originally, the castle was located in the heart of the Bavarian countryside but was then caught up by Munich’s urban sprawl.

• Notre Dame Cathedral (Frauenkirche Munich)

• St. Michael’s Church in Munich

• Königsplatz, a vast esplanade surrounded by three very important buildings, two of which house royal collections from antiquity. This square marks the entrance to the most beautiful districts of the city of Munich. A sumptuous place, somewhat bourgeois, and pleasant to visit.

• The Pinacotheks (Pinakothek der Moderne, Alte Pinakothek, Neue Pinkothek) constitute the most important museum complex grouping the old pinacothek, the new pinacothek, and the modern pinacothek, places entirely dedicated to contemporary art. (Entrance fee is 1 € on Sundays!)

• Maxvorstadt district, located north of the old town, this is the district of all lovers of beautiful and old books. It is the district of bookstores but also of clothing, picturesque cafes, and restaurants

• Deutsches Museum (the German Museum), the largest museum of science and technology in the world

• BMW World Museum, retracing the entire history of the automobile with its first models up to its prototypes, reflecting current events, BMW’s impact on the automotive world, and its relationship with ecology. The architecture of the building is also worth a visit, notably with its futuristic tower!

🔵 NEUSCHWANSTEIN CASTLE: Castle resembling a FAIRYTALE castle, Walt Disney’s inspiration for drawing Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, currently the DISNEY logo!

🔥 Very very very busy castle with a strong recommendation/requirement to book tickets well in advance. We recommend booking your spot as soon as possible!!!

🔥 Also on the program: photo-stop from a BRIDGE suspended above a mountain stream offering an incredible view of Neuschwanstein Castle, followed by a WALK & SWIM in the ALPSEE.

You can choose to be on your own or follow our guide ッ As you will have understood, you will have a memorable stay ッ


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– Place: 25 Boulevard Pershing, Paris (Porte Maillot). 
– Time: 10 PM (departure at 11 PM)
– Access: Metro ① Porte Maillot – RER Ⓒ Porte Maillot
– Map: https://PolyglotClub.com/MapDeparture


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