February 16-20, 2024 — Hike & Explore Canary Islands (Tenerife) over 4 days

5 Days
Expats -  Hike & Explore Canary Islands (Tenerife) over 4 days.

Come join us on an adventure in Tenerife, the largest island of the Canaries!

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Tenerife can easily be described as the most versatile hiking paradise of the Canary Islands. It includes completely different types of landscape – incredible almost desert-like volcanic landscape, and in 30 min drive – tropical fertile north with its sumptuous nature. We will enjoy the breath-taking views of giant rocks hanging over the ocean (Los Gigantes) and visit the base of the Teide volcano, highest peak in Spain. And did you know that Tenerife is also considered one of the best places to go stargazing in Europe and Santacruz hosts the second largest carnival in the world ? Let’s find it out!


  • Hike in Barranco del Infierno: Nestled in the heart of Tenerife, the Barranco del Infierno hike is a thrilling adventure for nature enthusiasts. As you ascend through the rugged gorge, the landscape unfolds into a mesmerizing panorama of lush flora, cascading waterfalls, and dramatic cliffs. The trail weaves through narrow passages, offering a mix of challenge and awe-inspiring beauty. The Hike in Barranco del Infierno, translated as the “Ravine of Hell,” contrasts its ominous name with the heavenly sights encountered along the way. It’s a trek that beckons explorers to unravel the secrets of this enchanting ravine, promising an unforgettable journey through Tenerife’s natural wonders.
  • Hike to Mount Teide & Teide National Park: The Hike to Mount Teide unveils an extraordinary blend of geological marvels and breathtaking vistas. As Spain’s highest peak, the third-largest volcano in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site with lunar-like landscapes and unique flora. Teide National park is the focal point of Tenerife, Mount Teide offers hikers a surreal experience above the clouds. The trail winds through otherworldly landscapes, adorned with volcanic craters, vivid rock formations, and endemic flora. The ascent reveals panoramic views of the Atlantic, neighboring islands, and the surreal sea of clouds below. Beyond the physical challenge, this hike is a journey through the island’s volcanic history, providing a profound connection with nature and a summit experience that crowns with a sunrise or sunset of unparalleled beauty. .
  • Los Gigintes mountains: The towering cliffs of the Los Gigantes Mountains rising abruptly on Tenerife’s western coast creates a dramatic and awe-inspiring sight. These colossal walls, reaching heights of over 600 meters, cast their shadows on the crystal-clear waters below. Their sheer faces, adorned with unique rock formations and vibrant flora, evoke a sense of wonder and admiration. The contrast between the rugged peaks and the serenity of the Atlantic Ocean forms a breathtaking backdrop, offering an ideal setting for hiking, boat tours, or simply soaking in the mesmerizing beauty of these monumental cliffs along the coastline.
  • Mount Teide Cable Car (optional & weather permitting):Offers a breathtaking ascent to the summit of Mount Teide, providing panoramic views of the island.
  • Anaga Rural Park: Offers an extensive network of well-marked hiking trails, making it a popular destination for hikers and nature enthusiasts. Trails lead through the forests, along the coastline, and into the heart of the Anaga Mountains. The park has been designated as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, recognizing its ecological importance, diverse ecosystems, and efforts for sustainable development. The park is home to a rich diversity of plant and animal species, including endemic species that are unique to the Canary Islands. Birdwatchers can spot various species in the park, and the ancient laurel forests contribute to its ecological significance.
  • Explore Santa Cruz de Tenerife: Santa Cruz de Tenerife is not only the administrative and political center of Tenerife but also a hub of cultural and recreational activities. The city combines modern infrastructure with historical charm, making it an attractive destination for visitors. The city is also home to one of the world’s largest and most famous carnivalsthe Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. It is a vibrant and colorful celebration held annually before Lent, attracting visitors from around the globe.
  • Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife: This carnival is the largest event of this kind happening in the Canary Islands and in Spain as well. It is actually the second largest carnival in the world and it is considered by many to be the best carnival, with an amazing atmosphere and friendly street parties. ‘La Television’ will be the theme for the 2024 carnival which will be held between 12 Jan – 18 Feb. For more info on the carnival, click here.


Start & End Date: Friday, 16 Feb 2024 – Tuesday, 20 Feb 2024

Meeting location and time: Meet your guide in the Accommodation in Tenerife at 7pm on friday evening.

Finishing location and time: Tenerife Airport on Tuesday morning.


  • Exact accommodation info will be shared in the whatsapp group for confirmed participants.
  • If you are arriving earlier or later, please let us know in the sheet that will be shared with you closer to the event date, so that we can accordingly make the relevant arrangements.

Hiking difficulty: ☺☺Intermediate / advanced – hiking at relaxed pace on well-marked paths, moderate-high elevation, sure-footedness & good fitness required. In case you had already done hikes before for 3 – 4 hours, then you will be fine for this trip.

Price: Starting from 445 EUR (before applying any discounts)


  • Community leader & Local guide for the entire duration
  • 4 x nights shared accommodation in Tenerife. Note: Refer to add-on’s for accommodation upgrade options are available.
  • Transportation for the entire trip from the meeting location to the finishing location (Driven in car by your guide).
  • All the needed tickets for accessing the trails.
  • Access to a dedicated whatsapp group for this event to connect with other trip mates, coordinate arrival options & stay in touch (link to whatsapp group in the ticket).
  • Access to a google photos album dedicated to this trip, where you can share all your amazing pics & videos.

Optional Add-On (can be bought closer to the day)

  • Mount Teide cable car tickets

How to get to Tenerife?

  • There are 2 airports – Tenerife South and Tenerife North airports. Please check what option is more convenient for you.
  • From airports you would need to take a public transport. It would be less then an hour from the Tenerife South airport by bus.

Other Things of note:

  • The community guide can change the route without any notice due to either changed weather conditions, insufficient fitness level of the group or changes in the quality of the trails. Our goal is to make a great experience for all of you and avoid unnecessary risk.



Transaction fees apply only when you use the ticketing system available on this page (EventBrite). If you prefer to avoid these fees, we offer the option of paying via bank transfer. To arrange a bank transfer or if you have any questions, please reach out to us directly by clicking here: https://ExpatsTravelTogether.com/Questions


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  • WhatsApp Group: In the ticket confirmation page, you will find a link to a whatsapp group dedicated to this event. This group is where you can connect with trip mates, coordinate arrival options & stay in touch.
  • Trip Briefing: You will find a link in the whatsapp group description to a detailed trip briefing document providing details on what to expect, how to prepare etc.
  • Google Photos Album: You will find a link in the whatsapp group description to the shared google photos album where you can upload & view all shared photos & videos from the trip.


  • Free cancellation up to 7 full days before the start of the trip. After that, cancel up to 5 days before the trip to get a 50% refund.
  • If the event is cancelled on our end, you will get a full refund.
  • Please note that the program, as well as the venue is subject to change due to extreme weather conditions, as well as to the characteristics and size of the group.
  • Urbanature Travel (UNT) needs a minimum of 5 participants for this trip to take place, else we may cancel this trip.
  • UNT reserves the right to cancel the trip, modify the route, change the accommodation or re-schedule hikes and without prior notice.
  • UNT is not responsible for any loss, theft, damage or personal injury that occurs during the trip.


Organized by Urbanature Travel

Welcome my fellow travellers! We are looking to provide you with options to travel to amazing places with our like-minded community guides. Our trips would involve a mash-up of urban exploring and comfortable nature trails & hikes planned & designed by us to ensure that you have a great time & have a more holistic experience.

Looking forward to seeing you on our trips!!!



Meet & Greet: Meet & Greet the guide and the other participants

Meet the guide and the rest of the participants in the evening and based on your arrival time, we head out for late evening dinner. Post dinner, we rest up to prepare ourselves for next few day’s of adventure.

Northern Charms: Anaga Hike and Carnival Time in Santa Cruz

We start early and begin by visiting the north of the island. This hike we would do in the Anaga national park, enjoying some greenery nature and wild bays of the island. In the evening, we can visit the capital of the Canary Islands – Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Once we are done, we head to Santacruz for CARNIVAL TIME!.

Teide Triumph: Summit Quest and Los Gigantes Marvels

We enjoy Teide national Park, where we hike along the paths of the volcanic landscape. There is also the option of taking a gondola (optional & weather permitting) to the top of the Mount Teide, the highest point in Spain. For those interested to hike, there is also the option of hiking to the summit without a lift and conquering the highest peak of Spain and this usually takes around 5 hours. In the evening we would travel to Los Gigintes village and observe the magnificent Los Gigintes mountains (500 m high cliffs that go into the ocean).

Day 4 :
Dual hikes

Barranco Bliss: Dual Hikes in Tenerife's South

We would start from Barranco del Infierno, natural balcony with magnificent views to the landscapes in the south of the island. This hiking trip will take approximately three hours. After we would have a nice and intense 2nd hike near the Arona village.

Day 5 :
Good Bye

Check out from the hotel, and, depending on the time of your flight, either enjoying the nice weather at the beach, or going to the airport.