January 19-23, 2024 — Norway Northern Lights: Dancing Auroras & Ancient Culture

5 Days

Journey to the far reaches of beautiful Norway in Winter to witness one of the most spellbinding phenomena in the natural world by night.

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*Guaranteed Northern Lights sighting, else join us for free in another Northern lights trip*

What better way to experience the Aurora Borealis aka Northern lights than in the city of northern lights, Alta. In Norwegian, Eventyr means both ‘adventure’ and ‘fairy tale.’ This is the perfect word to describe Alta, as it is a perfect place for active adventures in the mountains, forests and fjords that are reminiscent of fairy tale landscapes. The cold and long winters provide excellent conditions for dog sledding, skiing, snowmobiling, and other adventure activities. A modern city in Northern Norway surrounded by the arctic tundra and mountains, Alta is the ideal combination of natural and urban elements.

The celestial dance of lights, known as Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, is a phenomena as old as Earth’s atmosphere. The first record of Aurora Borealis is believed to be in a 30,000-year-old cave painting in France. Since then, cultures around the world have marveled at its magic, giving rise to many fascinating legends and folklore.

In Norway alone, symbols linked to the northern lights are found on the Sámi shamanistic drum. They call it “Guovssahas,” i.e. “the light that can be heard.” During the Viking Age, the northern lights were said to be the armor of the Valkyrie warrior virgins that shed a strange flickering light. Today, locals respectfully refer to the lights as “the green lady.”


  • Northern Lights Safari: 4 nights of hunting for the Northern lights with a local guide who would take us to the best places to experience the northern lights dancing in the sky, based on the weather forecast and their specific knowledge about the topography surrounding Alta. The local guide will also explain the history and science behind the Northern Lights and will give some camera support (if required). Guaranteed Northern Lights sighting, else join us for free (excluding flights) in another Northern lights trip.
  • Road trip from Alta to Northcape (Nordkapp): A journey to the Northernmost point of Europe will let you discover unique landscapes. On our way, you may encounter Reindeers, explore the colourful fishing villages including Skarsvåg the world’s northernmost fishing village. On this trip, you enjoy breathtaking scenery and take a picture or a selfie at the cliffs and the iconic globe sculpture rising on top. Once you’ve experienced the North Cape, you will know why it is one of the absolute highlights on a trip to Norway.
  • Northcape Visitor Centre and MuseumLearn more about the early expeditions to North Cape and watch a panoramic film that takes you through four seasons. The visitor centre at the top level offers amazing views of the mountain plateau and endless blue Barents Sea.
  • Discovering Alta: Renowned for its rich history and culture. Alta has been a meeting place for multiple indigenous communities since the Stone Age. The town is the biggest in the northern region and features the Northern Lights Cathedral, the city’s architectural landmark. Alta houses a famous Museum that contains Northern Europe’s largest and richest rock carving site, inscribed on the UNESCO’s World Heritage List. The 2000 to 6200 years old rock carvings show the life of hunters and fishermen.
  • Discover Hammerfest: Hammerfest is a true Arctic capital. In fact, until 1996 it was considered to be the world’s northernmost point. Today Hammerfest has the trademark of being the world’s northernmost city. It is also one of Northern Norway’s most historic cities and has been an important base for trade, exploration and hunting in the Arctic for hundreds of years.
  • Snowshoeing adventure (Optional & based on weather conditions): Experience the Arctic nature on foot. You are provided with a pair of snowshoes and then guided by a Professional around the forest that is close to Alta to experience Snowshoeing. On this trip, you are served coffee/tea, hot soup and biscuits. The total duration is 2.5 – 3 hours.


Start & End Date: Fri, 19 Jan – Tue, 23 Jan

Starting location & time: Alta Airport / Accommodation in Alta at 10 PM on Friday night.

Finishing location & time: Alta Airport at 11:00 AM on Tuesday.


  1. If you are arriving earlier, please us know in the sheet that will be shared with you closer to the event date, so that we can accordingly make the relevant pickup arrangements.
  2. Exact accommodation details will be provided in the whatsapp group for confirmed participants closer to the trip date.
  3. Alta airport is only 15 mins drive from accommodation.

Price: Starting from €895 (before any discounts).

Hiking Difficulty: N/A

What is included?

  • Community leader & guide for the entire duration (Speaks English & Hindi)
  • 4 x nights shared accommodation in Alta in two bdrm apmt with twin share room. Note: Additional accommodation upgrade options are available.
  • 4 x nights Northern lights hunting with guide.
  • 4 x days vegan / vegetarian breakfast spread (Consists of Milk and / or Oat Milk, Bread, Cereals, Cheese Spreads, Cucumber, Onion, Lettuce, Tomato, Yoghurt). Note: Vegetables based on availability.
  • Transportation for the entire trip.
  • Entry to the Igloo Ice Hotel.
  • Entry to Alta museum – World Heritage Rock Art Centre.
  • Entry to Northcape museum (weather permitting).
  • Road trip to Northcape – Northernmost point of Europe (weather permitting).
  • Road trip to Hammerfest (weather permitting)
  • Guided tour of Alta.

Optional Activities

  • Snowmobile
  • Husky Sledding
  • Snow Shoeing
  • More optional activities to be advised closer to the trip date

How to get to Alta?

  • Alta can easily be reached via a 2-hour direct flight from Oslo with plenty of flights leaving every day (please book this asap). Alta is also just 40 mins by flight from Tromso.
  • For those travelling from Europe and looking to avoid flights, there is an option of a mix of train & buses. You will be travelling on the the famous Arctic Express train (Sleeper option) from Stockholm to Narvik (Norway). Tickets for the arctic express train can be bought from here.

Other Things of Note

  • You could face temperatures upto -25 degree celsius during this trip, so you need to be prepared.
  • All guides speak English for all the activities.

Fun Facts:

  • Some of the first modern scientific studies of the northern lights were carried out in Alta, where the world’s first permanent northern lights observatory also opened in 1899.
  • During summer Alta experiences the Midnight sun for almost 2 months when the sun does not set and vice versa during winter experiences Polar nights when the sun doesn’t rise above the horizon, making it pitch dark for almost 2 months.


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  • Free cancellation up to 7 full days before the start of the trip. After that, cancel up to 5 days before the trip to get a 50% refund.
  • If the event is cancelled on our end, you will get a full refund.
  • Please note that the program, as well as the venue is subject to change due to extreme weather conditions, as well as to the characteristics and size of the group.
  • Urbanature Travel (UNT) needs a minimum of 5 participants for this trip to take place, else we may cancel this trip.
  • UNT reserves the right to cancel the trip, modify the route, change the accommodation or re-schedule hikes and without prior notice.
  • UNT is not responsible for any loss, theft, damage or personal injury that occurs during the trip.


Organized by Urbanature Travel

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Travel to Alta from our respective homes and meet the guide directly at the accommodation (or at Alta airport based on your arrival time), and then we are off on our first night of Northern lights hunting.

Post breakfast in a cafe, we head to supermarket for a quick shop and we are then off on a road trip to North cape. During the road trip we would be making a few stops along the way to see some of the cute fishing villages. At the north cape, we checkout the museum and the amazing views offered from the visitor centre. On the way back, we stop for dinner in a town along the way and then post dinner we are off Northern hunting on the way back to Alta.

Post breakfast, we head to Alta museum to see historic rock art inscribed over 2000 years back. Once we are done with the museum, participants that have signed up for optional activities get dropped at the respective places. After the optional activities are completed, we head back to our accommodation for dinner followed by our last exciting night of hunting for Northern lights.

Post breakfast, we are off on a short tour of Alta followed by a roadtrip to Hammerfest (one of the northernmost cities in the world). Today we will be spending the day exploring this beautful town and then we would wrap the trip by hunting Northern lights for one last time. Note: For those that wish to do more optional activites, there is also an option to do more activites in the morning.

Checkout of the accommodation and head to the airport and say our goodbyes before heading back to our respective homes.