December 30-January 1, 2024 — New Year’s in Prague

Celebrate New Year’s in Prague, the ultimate party destination, with dazzling fireworks, live music, and unforgettable moments for 2024

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Date and time

Sat, 30 Dec 2023 11:00 – Mon, 1 Jan 2024 10:30 CET

Join the New Year’s in Prague!

Join us for New Year’s celebration in Prague, a city filled with history and beautiful buildings. The main event is in Old Town Square, where we’ll gather for a memorable countdown with fireworks. Enjoy delicious Czech food, quality and affordable Beers, live music, and the company of friends from around the world.

Explore Prague’s landmarks like Prague Castle and Charles Bridge. Don’t miss the Pub Crawl for extra excitement.

Celebrating New Year’s in Prague with a group organized by Urbanature Travel (UNT) guarantees a unique and unforgettable experience. The reasons include an epic celebration in Prague, curated by travel experts at Urbanature, featuring historical and architectural explorations, a memorable countdown at Old Town Square with a dazzling fireworks display, indulging in delicious Czech cuisine, fostering global friendships with fellow travelers, and the added fun of a Pub Crawl.

In essence, Urbanature Travel ensures a well-organized, exciting, and culturally immersive New Year’s celebration in the company of like-minded travelers.

Join us for a weekend of fun and cheers to the new year!


Day 1 – Welcome to Prague

11:15 – 23:15

Welcome to Prague ! – 30/12/23

Rafael Motafer

Arrive in Prague, meet your guide and complete the accommodation check-in formalities. Once done, we are off on a walking tour of this beautiful city. Post the walking tour, we return back to our accommodation to freshen up, and then have dinner at a recommended local restaurant. Follow it up with an informal visit to a bar for some Czech beers.

Day 2 – New Year’s Eve

09:00 – 02:00 (+1 day)

New Year’s Eve

Rafael Motafer

Let’s enjoy breakfast together, then embark on a leisurely stroll to explore local souvenirs and cuisine. Return to the hostel to get ready for the Pub Crawl and New Year’s Eve festivities.

Day 3 – New Year’s Day

09:00 – 11:00

Goodbye Prague! – 01/01/24

Rafael Motafer

Morning Meal and Farewell – Today marks our departure from the enchanting Prague as we head back, either by train or flight. Wishing you a joyful 2024

Arrive in Prague, meet your guide and complete the accommodation check-in formalities. Once done, we are off on a walking tour of this beautiful city. Post the walking tour, we return back to our acc…
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  • Charles Bridge, a renowned landmark in Prague, Czech Republic, is a historic and picturesque bridge that spans the Vltava River. Constructed in the 14th century, this iconic structure is characterized by its Gothic architecture and 30 statues of saints lining both sides. A stroll across Charles Bridge offers breathtaking panoramic views of Prague Castle, the Old Town, and the city’s charming skyline. If it is open we will climb the tower of the bridge for a better view!
  • Prague Castle: is like the Castle of castles – it’s not just a castle; it’s a whole medieval city on a hill. Perched high above Prague, this building has been around since the 9th century, making it one of the oldest castles in the world. It’s like a real-life fairy tale fortress, with its towers, spires, and that iconic St. Vitus Cathedral peeking out. The Czech kings, queens, and all those historical big shots used to chill here, and now it’s the official residence of the Czech president. Inside, you can wander through courtyards, check out some cool museums, and feel the vibes of centuries gone by. And, of course, the views from up there.
  • Stroll in Mala Strana. Mala Strana in Prague is basically the charming sidekick to the bustling Old Town. It’s got these cobblestone streets and colorful Baroque buildings that shows the historic side of Prague. We will pass also at Nerudova Street – the main street of Mala Strana region, lined with shops and cafes. There we will visit the Wallenstein Garden and that quirky John Lennon Wall where people just graffiti their thoughts. Plus, the view of Prague Castle looming over everything is like the cherry on top. Mala Strana is basically the cozy, artsy cousin you wanna hang out with when you need a break from the tourist hustle.
  • Cafe Savoy. Café Savoy in Prague is the kind of place that makes you feel like you’ve stepped into a vintage dream. Nestled in a stunning Art Nouveau building, this café is all about that classic European charm. The interior is a blend of marble, dark wood, and brass, giving off serious old-world vibes. It’s the perfect spot for a leisurely brunch or a decadent afternoon tea.
  • Old Town Square in Prague is like a medieval masterpiece that’s been frozen in time, and it’s the beating heart of the city’s historic charm. Surrounded by colorful baroque buildings and Gothic architecture, the square is a lively hub with street performers, market stalls, and an energy that’s infectious.
  • Astronomical Clock, a medieval timepiece that puts on a show every hour. It’s the perfect spot to kick back with a cup of Czech coffee, people-watch, or simply soak in the jaw-dropping surroundings. The square hosts events and festivals throughout the year, and during the holiday season.
  • New Year Eve Pub Crawl Experience: an exhilarating and festive experience. The city’s vibrant nightlife gets kicked up a notch during this celebratory evening, and a Pub Crawl adds an extra layer of excitement. The atmosphere is electric as you join a diverse group of revelers from around the world, creating a lively and dynamic vibe. This event typically includes visits to some of the city’s best pubs and bars, each with its unique charm. It’s an excellent way to socialize, make new friends, and share the joy of ringing in the new year with like-minded partygoers.
  • Terasa U Prince (Based on availability). Terrace U Prince is a hidden gem perched on the rooftop of the U Prince Hotel in the heart of Prague’s Old Town. This rooftop terrace is a little slice of paradise with panoramic views that could make your jaw drop. You’ve got the stunning backdrop of Old Town Square, the Astronomical Clock, and Prague Castle – it’s basically a postcard come to life.


Start & End Date: Saturday, 30 December – Monday, 1 January 2024

Meeting location & time: Meet your guide in the accommodation at 11 AM on Saturday

Finishing location & time: Accommodation in Prague at 10:30 AM on Monday


  • If you are leaving earlier or later, please us know in the sheet that will be shared with you closer to the event date, so that we can accordingly make the relevant arrangements.
  • Exact accommodation details will be shared in the whatsapp group for confirmed participants.


  • Day 1: <8km – Arrive in Prague. Accommodation check-in – Walking tour around 4 spots – Dinner in suggested local restaurant + Bar for Czech beers
  • Day 2: <7 km – Breakfast together – Souvenirs + local cuisine stroll – Pub Crawl + New Year’s
  • Day 3: <2 KM – Check out hotel – Farewell

Difficulty: Easy stroll and for all fitness levels

What is included ?

  • Community leader & guide for the entire trip (Speaks English, Portugese & Spanish).
  • 2 nights x shared accommodation in hotel. Note: Reach out for accommodation upgrade options.
  • Breakfast for 2 days.
  • Guided tour of Prague by local guide.
  • Entry to famous New year’s eve Pub crawl.
  • All transportation during the trip.
  • Access to a dedicated whatsapp group for this event to connect with other trip mates, coordinate arrival options & stay in touch (link to whatsapp group in the ticket).
  • Access to a google photos album dedicated to this trip, where you can share all your amazing pics & videos.

Fun Facts

  • Prague has the Largest Castle Complex in the world.
  • Prague boasts the highest pub per capita ratio in the world!
  • Charles Square was the largest town square in Europe in medieval times.

Old Town square



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  • If the event is cancelled on our end, you will get a full refund.
  • Please note that the program, as well as the venue is subject to change due to extreme weather conditions, as well as to the characteristics and size of the group.
  • Urbanature Travel (UNT) needs a minimum of 5 participants for this trip to take place, else we may cancel this trip.
  • UNT reserves the right to cancel the trip, modify the route, change the accommodation or re-schedule hikes and without prior notice.
  • UNT is not responsible for any loss, theft, damage or personal injury that occurs during the trip.


Organized by Urbanature Travel

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