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Discovering the Lavender Routes of Valensole: A Journey Through the Heart of Haute-Provence

Nestled in the stunning landscape of Haute-Provence, Valensole stands as the quintessential realm of lavender and lavandin, offering an unparalleled visual feast. Here, fields of lavender stretch to the horizon, undulating in majestic waves of purple and blue. From the Valensole Plateau, visitors can gaze upon the vast expanse of the pre-Alps, a magnificent backdrop to this “ocean of lavender.”

The Valensole Plateau: A Lavender Wonderland

Recognized as one of France’s largest plateaus, the Valensole Plateau resides within the Verdon Natural Regional Park, near the Verdon Gorge and its lakes. Elevated at 590 meters above sea level and spanning over 800 square kilometers, the commune of Valensole and its plateau, covering nearly 12,700 hectares, is among the most extensive in France.

The Lavender Route: A Touristic Journey to Remember

In early July, the air on the Valensole Plateau becomes fragrant as the lavender blooms in full splendor. The fields ripple in endless waves of purple and blue, delighting photographers and nature lovers alike.

This route invites travelers to explore a unique landscape and the typical terroir of Haute-Provence. It’s an opportunity to meet passionate producers and pause for photo ops in iconic lavender fields. The Valensole Plateau is a must-visit destination for capturing the essence of Provence’s lavender.

Along the Lavender Routes on the Valensole Plateau, distilleries and a museum welcome visitors, sharing the secrets and myriad benefits of this versatile plant.

The Blooming Season of Lavender in Valensole

The lavender blooming season is brief but mesmerizing, typically spanning from mid-June to the end of July, depending on the year and weather conditions. Harvesting on the Valensole Plateau begins in mid-July, transforming the landscape yet again.

This touristic route draws large crowds, making the roads quite busy during peak season. Visitors are advised to travel safely and enjoy the scenery responsibly.

Lavender vs. Lavandin: Understanding the Difference

Lavender comes in many varieties, with fine lavender (also known as true lavender) and lavender aspic being the most well-known. This perennial plant thrives at altitudes between 500 and 1500 meters and is celebrated for its uses in perfumery and medicinal properties, including healing, disinfectant, and calming effects.

Lavandin, on the other hand, is a hybrid with a stronger, slightly camphorated scent that yields more essential oil per kilo of flowers. It can be grown at lower altitudes and is commonly seen in valleys.

The Valensole Plateau and the Lavender Routes of Haute-Provence offer an unforgettable journey through fields of fragrant lavender and lavandin, against the picturesque setting of the French countryside. It’s a testament to the region’s rich agricultural heritage and the timeless allure of Provence’s purple treasure.

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